Cleanser and Toner



  • Gently cleanses skin without irritation
  • Removes makeup without damaging the skin natural barrier
  • Balances skin's PH

Available for combination skin (GEL) and normal to dry skin (MILK)

Refreshing soap-free Cleanser and Toner for the face and eyes gently cleanses skin and removes makeup without damaging the skin’s natural barrier. Skin stays soft without any sensation of tightness. Gentle around the eyes, it effectively removes makeup and revitalizes eyelashes and brows. Balances skin’s pH while prepping it for follow-up day or night care. Natural ingredients cleanse, moisturize, soothe and tone skin and deliver anti-inflammatory benefits.

Directions: Use twice daily, morning and night. Apply a small amount to the face and neck and massage gently for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry. After cleansing the skin, apply your favourite Functionalab skincare.

Warning: For external use only. In case of direct contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clear water.

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