Who are we?

Dermapure is a network of medical-aesthetic clinics specialized in non-surgical rejuvenation. Our teams of physicians and skin professionals use the latest innovative technologies, approved by Health Canada, to prevent and treat visible signs of aging. The company’s guiding philosophy is to consistently deliver natural results and to improve all aspects of skin health and beauty for the face and body.

Functionalab is a Quebec-based professional skincare brand combining nutricosmetics with advanced cosmeceuticals, available exclusively within the Dermapure network. Specially designed to complement clinical procedures and protocols, Functionalab products offer a synergistic approach to healthy, beautiful skin—from the inside out.

Ils peuvent être utilisés avant, pendant et après les traitements en clinique, ou encore dans le cadre d’une routine de soins à domicile.

Behind the brand: a team of skincare visionaries

Francis S. Maheu

CEO Functionalab

Roger Southin

President Jouviance 

Marilyne Gagné

President Dermapure

Erick Geoffrion

Président Functionalab

What sets us appart

Functionalab a été l’une des premières compagnies à développer une approche holistique de nutrition de la peau, combinant tant des soins à appliquer localement qu’à ingérer via des suppléments alimentaires.

5 bonnes raisons d’adopter les produits Functionalab :

  • Range of professional skin care combining nutricosmetics and cosmeceuticals

  • Clinically proven formulas developed by dermatologists, biochemists, nutritionists and skin experts

  • Optimal concentrations of active ingredients established by clinical research studies and formulated for maximum results

  • Protocols that enhance and prolong the effects of in-clinic treatments

  • Strict ingredient list – Without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants or artificial fragrances  

Strict oversight and compliance in everything we do

We exceed quality control and quality assurance directives
established by the FDA

Our laboratories are ISO 9001 certified and 17025 accredited