Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight


A nightly treatment which promotes cellular turnover and a refined radiance

Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight contains an optimized level of glycolic acid tolerable for nightly use, synergistically blended with phytic acid and a soothing complex to improve texture, radiance and overall glow.

  • Promotes skin clarity and brightness, while fortifying skin barrier
  •  Hydrates while improving the appearance of skin texture and tone, revealing brighter, more youthful-looking skin
  • Refined texture and fine lines reduction
  • Dullness and uneven skin tone


  • Glycolic acid is well known in the aesthetic industry as a “go to” ingredient to restore skin radiance
  • Dye- and fragrance-free
  • Do NOT use additional exfoliating products while preconditioning your skin with Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight
  • Tested tolerable for nightly use and ideal as a complement to skin brightening and clarifying aesthetic procedures, including chemical peels

How to use:

Precondition skin by limiting initial use to once every other evening. Avoid eye area. Always use with a daytime sunscreen.

In the evening:

  1. Shake well and dispense into hands.
  2. Apply an even, pea-sized layer of Glycolic Brightening Renew Overnight over entire face and neck. After one week, increase to every evening or as advised by a skincare professional.

 Skin Types: 

  • Mature

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