Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50 Tinted




  • Broad-spectrum SPF 50 mineral protection against UVA, UVB and free radicals
  • Powerful antioxidant protection
  • Optimal protection against sun damage (pigmentation spots, wrinkles and premature aging)
  • Ultra-light tinted sunscreen
  • Universal unifying shade
  • Sheer, complexion-perfecting finish
  • Water-resistant for to 40 minutes
  • Non-sticky, non-greasy texture

All skin types.

This ultra-light, 100% mineral, new-generation sunscreen features broad-spectrum SPF 50. It is suitable for all skin types, especially sun-allergic or photosensitive skin, thanks to its mineral filter which provides a physical barrier to the skin against sun damage, reflecting and dispersing UVA and UVB rays and neutralizing free radicals.

In addition to offering sun protection, this skin care product is the first step in countering the signs of aging, as it provides daily urban protection against the external aggressors responsible for skin aging.

Its Vitamin C and E-based new formula provides a daily antioxidant defense that prevents skin from the visible signs of premature aging. Enriched with niacinamide, allantoin and bisabolol, it provides soothing and anti-inflammatory properties to minimize skin imperfections. The tinted 100% mineral sunscreen ensures continuous hydration and gives skin a healthier, smoother appearance.

A unique combination of quality "soft focus" pigments for a sheer tint and a complexion perfector that adapts to all skin tones and types, even those allergic to the sun or photosensitive.

Free from chemical filters, parabens, colorants, and fragrances. Non-comedogenic.


Apply sunscreen after your day cream and before applying make-up.

Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and/or after aesthetic medicine treatments such as chemical peels, lasers or other procedures. Reapply every 2 hours.

For a touch-up during the day, gently pat on the face.

Following aesthetic medicine treatments such as chemical peels, lasers or other procedures, the skin becomes more sensitive to sun damage. Daily application of sunscreen is essential to protect treated skin, reduce the risk of post-treatment complications and prolong the beneficial effects of medical-aesthetic treatments.

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