Spot Corrector Serum




  • Targets the formation and developments of dark spots and hyperpigmentation
  • Brown spots are visibly reduced in intensity and number
  • Corrects irregularities and dullness for more even skin tone
  • Enhances the skin's radiance or a rejuvenated, luminous effect
  • Non-photosensitizing formula: contains no kojic acid or hydroquinone
  • Suitable for the eye contour area, including the mobile eyelid, as well as the neck and hands

All skin types

A clinically proven, ultra-effective, new-generation spot corrector serum, targeting dark spots and other signs of hyperpigmentation.

Its unique formula combines a powerful synergy of innovative antioxidant active ingredients: 2% Brighlette (100% natural marine plankton extract), this highly concentrated active ingredient helps achieve a more even complexion and restores the skin’s radiance by acting on 5 important mechanisms. 2% Borealine Aurora (white pine extract - Canadian boreal forest) effectively targets 3 criteria for an even complexion, for visible results in as little as 2 weeks. 4% ET-VC (stabilized pure Vitamin C) and 1.5% IBR-TCLC (carotenoid antioxidants) offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory protection to prevent an uneven skin tone and give you a radiant, even complexion.

This kojic acid- and hydroquinone-free formula is a safe, effective, irritation-free product for the sensitive skin around the eyes.

Results proven in aesthetic medicine clinics:*

  • 73% dark spot size
  • 62% fewer dark spots
  • 80% more even skin tone

Did you know? Melanin is a natural shield against UV rays (responsible for tanning). Known as the cause of brown spots, melanin is an essential pigment for protecting the skin against burns induced by UV exposure. When UV rays penetrate the skin, they stimulate the melanocytes to produce melanin which, through a cascade of reactions, travels up the keratinocytes to the skin's surface. Tanning is therefore a powerful natural defence system against UV burns and the risk of cell damage.

Directions: All year long, apply morning and evening. Can be layered over a lighter serum. Suitable for the eye contour area and mobile eyelid, as well as all skin types. Ideal for pre- or post-treatment use, following lightening technologies (peels, lasers, pulsed light, etc.) to ensure continuity of benefits.

Warning: For external use only. In case of direct contact with eyes, rinse with clear water. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and consult a physician.

Free from chemical filters, parabens, dyes and fragrances. Non-comedogenic.
*12-week clinical study. Average age: 48.

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